Our Company

Confident. Relaxed. Strong. Comfortable. Versatile. Affordable.

Keya™ The Better Basic Tee. Keya™ headquarters are located in High Point, NC. Keya™ is a Kamp USA brand. Keya™ specializes in apparel that brings true uniqueness to the printable apparel community.

Our Mission

At Keya™ our mission is to be our customer’s number one choice in apparel products by providing them with the finest quality apparel at an affordable and highly competitive price.

Our Story

Keya Knit Composite is a leading manufacturer, merchandiser and exporter of Knit Garment products. The Keya™ Group has been producing garments for well over 20 years. We are a vertical manufacturing company consisting of three mills manufacturing the yarn spinning; fabric cut and sews facilities to exporting our apparel to our distribution centers. They facilities have state-of the-art technology and equipment resulting in higher efficiency and a quality product. We have a driving force of experienced people leading the way to making our apparel one of the best in the world. Our success comes from high quality production and timely shipment of our apparel. The Keya™ USA division began operation in September 2011. Our 61,000 square-foot distribution center facility is strategically located in High Point, NC.

Our Team

Keya™ has a strong team of seasoned active wear players.

  • Mr. Abdul Khaleque Pathan — Chairman and CEO; Mr. Pathan is a renowned manufacturer and exporter of Knit Garments with 3 Spinning Mills in Bangladesh. He was awarded the National Export Gold Trophy for Highest Export of Ready-made Garments in Knit Wear Sector for the 2009-2010.
  • Greg Brown — Senior Vice-President of Sales and Operations; he has served this industry for over 25 years and clearly knows that the Keya™ brand offers something special to the promotional products industry.
  • Dave Watkins — Controller; he makes the numbers work and drives the competitive financial logistics that make Keya™ competitive.
  • Josh Auth — Distribution Manager; he operates and oversees the distributions of the product to ensure the timely shipment of our apparel.
  • Theresa Rogers — Office Manager; she works with the customer service team to make the customer’s experience run successful and smooth.
  • Marjhé Johnston — Customer Service; she works with our customer’s to make their purchases simple and easy from start to finish.

What you can expect from one of the world’s leading producers of knit apparel? Our team is confident in producing and servicing the Keya™ brand. Our ring-spinning process makes our fabric softer to the touch, more comfortable to wear, and stronger to enjoy longer. They are now available to you — with no minimum order requirements, same-day shipping and all major credit cards accepted.